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If you are looking to enrol your child in a swim lesson what are you hoping to a achieve? If are you looking to enrol your child in swimming lessons, hopefully you are looking to improve the swimming ability and therefore there safety around water. When looking to enrol your child in a swim lesson what should you look for? Look for a swimming teacher that can remain calm and patient with your child, this way trust can be developed between the teacher and student thus creating better learning in the swim lesson. Look for your child to be introduced to floating on their front before they use any form of propulsion in their swim lesson and also how to float on their back. At our swimming school we follow the principles of motor learning which means we follow this basic principles of introducing floating first before introducing propulsion. Furthermore having been a swimming teacher for nearly 15 years and a swimming coach for over 6 years you can be assured you will have calm teacher who has previously taught swimming lessons to all manner of students. So if you live in Woolgoolga, Moonee Beach, Emerald Beach, Sandy Beach, Red Rock, Safety Beach, Arrawarra, Corindi, or Mullaway why don’t you give Woolgoolga Swim School a call for a swim lesson today.