19 04 17

Term 2 swimming lessons begin on Wednesday the 26th of April. Term 2 is 10 weeks long for classes from Wednesday to Saturday, and 9 weeks for Mondays and Tuesdays. If you would like your child to learn to swim in term 2 feel free to contact the swim school about our swim lesson programs.

By enrolling in term 2 swimming lessons you will be allowing your child to swim for a greater amount of time through out the year. By swimming for longer throughout the year you will notice greater continuous improvement in your child. Furthermore by continuing swimming lesson during term 2 your will not experience a drop off in their swimming skill development that many children do, who only swim for one or two terms per year. As a parent this shows that you the money you invest in providing your child with continuous swimming lessons throughout the year is a wise decision.

Once again, in term 2 swimming lessons will be available for all levels of swimmers, from babies through to adults. At our swim school we also have a variety of squads for more advanced swimmers and stroke development classes for those who are not yet proficient in all 4 competitive swimming strokes. Each swimming lesson is taught by a very experienced and well qualified teacher and coach.