10 07 17

Term 3 is only a week a way, so it is now time to consider enrolling your child in winter swimming lessons. You may ask why you should enrol your child in winter swimming lessons? Well there can be a number of answers to this and will be explained shortly.

The first reason  that you should consider enrolling your child in winter swimming lessons, is that a large number of drownings occur in the early months of spring. This is time when the weather is starting to warm up and children a curious about wanting to go in the water again to cool down. By enrolling your child in winter swimming lessons your can maintain their swimming skills all year round, so that when the weather warms up your child will not have forgotten their swimming skills.

The second reason that you should consider enrolling your child in winter swimming lessons, is that in long run it can save you money. Let me explain why. If child swims all year round they will have continuous skill development in their swimming. On the other hand if you only enrol your child for one or two terms of swimming per year you will notice skill development while your child is swimming, but by the next time you enrol your in lessons  there is usually a noticeable drop off in their swimming skill level. This is due to fact most children learn their swimming skills via repetition. As swimming is a water based activity it is highly unlikely that your child will be performing many of the essential skills for swimming on the land, thus a noticeable drop of in the swimming ability.

Finally if you think it is to cold for winter swimming lessons, you will be glad to know that our pool is heated to 32 degrees all year round. You will not catch a cold from swimming in the winter. However, we suggest that you dry your self properly after swimming and wear warm clothing after your swimming lesson.